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Several lists and text boxes are available to select and enter criteria to limit your search to those institutions that meet your needs. The following tips will improve your search results:
  • Multiple selections can be made in the lists by holding the Shift key for contiguous selections, or the Ctrl key, for noncontiguous selections.
  • Search criteria are not case sensitive.
  • Do not enclose your search criteria in quotes.
  • If you are not sure how to spell a city name, enter only the portion of the name of which you are certain.
  • For school names or city names that contain an abbreviation or that may be abbreviated, you may need to try different spellings. For example, if St. Mary's doesn't work, try St Mary's or Saint Mary's.

  • The following fields allow you to select or enter search criteria:

    Name of Institution - Limits your search to a particular institution.

    City - Limits your search to institutions located in a particular city.

    State or Outlying Area - Limits your search to institutions located in the selected state(s) or outlying area(s).

    Undergraduate Enrollment - Limits your search to institutions with undergraduate enrollment of a particular size.

    Sanctioning Body - Limits your search to institutions whose athletics program(s) are governed by a particular sanctioning body.

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